A cheerful Balaton wedding at Pici Szívém

Dorka & Laci

This wedding has a very long history, but I'm not much of a storyteller. At least not in words. I prefer to read from the pictures rather than the description, because that is the primary task of the photographer, to give back what happened through photographs. But since this is not just about this wedding, I'll just be brief: the bride in this post, Dorka's dad (Laki and Evie), had her wedding photographed by me years ago. I couldn't take them at first, but in the end it just so happened that I was there for the wedding. As fate would have it, I was also named Wedding Photographer of the Year that year thanks to some of the images from that wedding. After that, fate continued to weave the threads and thanks to those images I was asked to photograph Timmy Trumpet's wedding, among others...
What next?
The day came and when Laci proposed to Dorka and the first thing he did after the proposal was to come and see me. And then their big day came and I was so captivated by the atmosphere of this wedding that I decided to share this story on my website. However, my website was out of date. The last series of images uploaded was from 2019. I didn't want to upload anything there. So basically, thanks to this wedding, I started carving a new website in the middle of the season. Some of the old content has been preserved, but this is the latest series to be uploaded since 2019.

Thank you Dorka and Laci!

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